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Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Gamer on 52

Inversion is a heavily linear, by-the-numbers cover shooter that fails to make the most of its few high...

By FirstPost on 50

I f reading the above headline was enough to have you salivating and making a beeline for your nearest store (virtual or otherwise), you might want to stop, mop that drool and read on. The reason being, that's only half the truth. Now that we have your...

By New Game Network on 66

Inversion is a shooter that tries to diversify, but doesn't quite get there. It borrows elements of other games and throws gravity into the mix, but the end result is like a mess of debris in a vacuum. It's cool, but it's still just...

By HardwareHeaven on 70

With decent enough graphics and functional audio Inversion looks to offer something different in gameplay and on occasion it does deliver on the concept of gravity deifying thrills and spills.Unfortunately these moments are too few and far between to say...

By Strategy Informer on 30

The story is a very simple one. Humanoid aliens come down to Earth, kill mostly everyone and enslave the people who are left. Enter cop Davis Russell and his partner Leo Delgado, men who oddly don't seem too bothered about saving the world but are...

By Cheat Code Central on 60

Inversion doesn't pretend to be anything it's not. It's a Gears of War knockoff, albeit one with a grab bag of gravity-related features thrown into the mix. Besides the stolen cover system, the "roadie run," and the similar graphics, one of your...

By on

In today’s saturated video games market, it’s nearly impossible to make a first person shooter that will offer a unique take on the genre. FPS titles are pretty straight forward — shoot what moves and keep walking — but where they shine is the...

International Review By on 60

Inversion ist mal wieder ein Paradebeispiel dafür, wie man gute Ideen in den Sand setzen kann. Die Gravitationsspielchen machen durchaus Spaß, doch leider hapert es beim restlichen Gameplay. Strohdumme Gegner und wenig abwechslungsreiche Missionen sind...

By on 80

The Inversion Review shows that it is a fun game for short period because later in the gameplay, players will definitely get bore and will witness the same enemies and scenes throughout the game. So, if only you are a diehard fan on third-person shooter...

International Review By on

Inversion poderia ser um jogo inovador, isso porque apresenta uma mecânica que brinca com a gravidade de uma forma divertida e até certo ponto desafiadora. Mas o jogo peca por focar em agregar elementos de sucesso, como o sistema de cobertura e...

International Review By on

„Inversion“ ist durch und durch ein “Gears of War“-Klon. Von der Steuerung über die Animationen bis hin zu den Waffen scheint alles direkt aus Epics Erfolgshooter kopiert worden zu sein. Anstelle der präzisen Steuerung tritt jedoch schwammiges...

International Review By PC Games Hardware on

Inversion wurde bisher nur für Xbox 360 und PS3 angekündigt. Doch hinter vorgehaltener Hand war auch die Rede von einer PC-Fassung, offizielle Informationen dazu fehlen aber noch.Inversion (8) [Quelle: Siehe Bildergalerie] Inversion ist ein...