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Expert reviews and ratings

By DarkZero on 80

Published September 27th 2006. Written by Thomas McDermott. We’ll be honest; we have not really kept up to date with all the events surrounding the development and release of Vivendi’s latest title – Joint Task Force. It never really...

By GamePyre on 71

Well, assuming that youve read the entire review and did not just skip to this section of the review, then you have a good idea about what to expect out of this game. Now, if you were in a hurry and skipped all other sections of the review, Im...

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 55

Joint Task Force feels very much like a game that is not finished or complete. JTF has some very good graphics and the sound could be good with a little fix but the entire feel for a real time sim is lost during the combat. You have to micromanage...

By PC Authority on 67

Take the worlds best military forces into Iraq and handle the situation...

By on 60

Fight terrorists in this real-time strategy...

By Atomic MPC on 80

If modern warfare has changed dramatically in recent years, then it seems only right that the real time strategy genre -- which draws so heavily upon armed conflicts for inspiration -- should also change.To Vivendi and HD Interactive’s credit,...

By GameZone on 83

Joint Task Force Review (PC) The real-time strategy genre can be a beautiful thing. RTS games teach us organization skills, responsibility and so much more in a fun, intuitive approach. But heaven knows if you get yourself addicted to a real-time...

By Strategy Informer on 80

Joint Task Force sets itself aside from the rest of the RTS genre, well most of it anyway, by eliminating resource management which is the traditional limiting factor in RTS games, preventing you from growing too strong too quickly and making the game...