Reviewers Liked

  • Appealing watercolor art style, Some good core elements that just need expanding upon, The seasons system is wonderfully executed
  • Playing Civ as the barbarians is a clever conceit, Clan management provides some depth, Nice, easytoread visual style, Game explains its rules clearly
  • Human-focused elements make for a fresh, compelling take on the 4X genre, Weighing up the opportunities of the map and the needs your people makes for endlessly satisfying choices, The transition from nomadic tribe to settled kingdom is novel and always s

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • The A.I is laughably poor - provides no challenge, No multiplayer means very limited replay ability, Balancing issues and oversights make the progression through stages a mess, Not enough content to justify the $30 price tag, Fairly buggy - potentially da
  • Becomes less interesting as you play, Enemy AI and diplomacy clearly unfinished, Glitches and mechanical oversights, Less replayable than most 4X games
  • Diplomacy and religion are woefully underdeveloped, Needs more meat in the late game