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Despite the complete curveball the plot gradually throws at you as it moves along, Kathy Rain is a great adventure game with a story that easily gets you hooked and a mystery filled with a grade-A level of challenge to tackle. It may not reach the status of a true classic as the most legendary titles of adventure gaming’s golden age that filled the decade it pays homage to, but it is an incredibly satisfying game all around. “A detective is born” goes the game’s tagline and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this detective in the future.

By HardcoreGamer on

On the good side Short, sweet and dripping with a dark nineties mystique, Kathy Rain is all about harking back to those point and click adventure games of old. There is certainly an ever growing list of indie developers plying their trade by adding to...

By Hooked Gamers on

Kathy Rain tells a satisfying story, but if I hadn't been reviewing it, I'm not sure I would have stuck around long enough for it to hook me. There's nothing inherently wrong with an adventure game leaning on well-established mechanics, but doing so requires note-perfect storytelling. Kathy may fall short of that in her first outing, but she's compelling enough that I hope she gets a chance to return with characters and challenges that are as well-designed as she is.

By Polygon on

A hallmark of excellence. It may have some flaws, but they are negligible to what is otherwise a supreme title. How we score:  The Destructoid Reviews...

By Destructoid on

Back in the 1990s, I didn't have the luxury of owning a computer thus I missed out on some of the pinnacle point-and-click adventure games. But when I had the opportunity to review Kathy Rain, a video game that oozed out the 1990s feel of my youth, I...

By gameranx.com on

Kathy Rain è un'avventura grafica punta e clicca che si fa forte di una scrittura eccellente, di una trama affascinante e di una protagonista che non avrà alcuna difficoltà a divenire in futuro una vera e propria icona del genere, se supportata...

International Review By nrsgamers.it on