Left Behind: Eternal Forces




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By Game Chronicles Magazine on 40

Without going into any of the religious aspects and reviewing Left Behind: Eternal Forces solely as a video game I found this to be a waste of time. The gameplay is terrible and I saw better graphics on video games two years ago. I can’t...

By About.com on 20

Pros Interesting concept/storyline Cons Cumbersome interface and buggy code. Missions not engaging, often confusing. Very average graphics. Eye rolling stereotypes. Storyline, Game Play & Graphics Left Behind Eternal Forces is Christian-themed game...

By Gaming Age on 23

Don't lie. That's not a reference to Santa Claus and his faithful watch over us all throughout the year. And it's not about being pious enough to be among the chosen saved souls when the day of reckoning comes. No, that urge to tell the...

By The Lobe and Mail on

License One God-awful game Left Behind: Eternal Forces is misogynist and filled with stereotypes that border on bigotry and, worse, its unplayable SCOTT COLBOURNE Globe and Mail Update E-mail Scott Colbourne | Read Bio | Latest Columns This is...

By Ars Technica on

What if one day everyone who used to ask you about accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior disappeared? What if this was about the time someone took power and his name was Ann T. Christ? Okay, that would be a pretty feminine name, so lets go...