Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Episode 2: Brave New World



Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Episode 2: Brave New World

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By on 85

it should be known that Life is Strange 2 is an achievement in narrative storytelling in video games. It's an eye-opening story of two brothers that have everything thrown at them, yet they continue to persevere. The game pulls at your heartstrings...

By on 90

I really adored the first Life is Strange game and it came as a complete surprise to me just how much I connected with that game in different ways not to mention really enjoying the timey whimey powers that main character Max suddenly discovered and the...

By EuroGamer on 80

Before the Storm is not a magical mystery story, it is an everyday tale of two people coming together at the exact right time in their lives. it's about capturing those moments, big and small, that change who we are as people. Every player will bring their own experiences and prejudices to each situation, conversation and confrontation within Before the Storm, and what you answer may tell you as much about yourself as it does Rachel and Chloe. Before the Storm does what every worthwhile prequel should - it tells its own story and connects to what came before in a way that enhances both experiences for the better. Hella feels.

By ImpulseGamer on 80

Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Brave New World is a emotional roller-coaster, but in a good way. Strong character development and genuine twists that make for a solid sophomore entry in this three-part...

By WCCFTech on 85

Although it might not be as strong as Episode One, Episode Two builds in confidence and understands exactly what we want out of this story. Sad, happy, heartwarming and heartbreaking, Episode Two is an emotional...

By GameInformer on 80

After finishing the first episode of Before the Storm, I was impressed at how well it retains the essence of the original Life is Strange, despite being handled by a different developer. That feeling doesn’t change with this episode; it draws you in with interesting characters, then builds them through quiet moments and big decisions. Even knowing the eventual fate of Chloe and Rachel, I am eager to see how the next (final) episode of this arc explores their legacy in Arcadia Bay.

By on 78

The second episode of Life is Strange: Before The Storm digs deep into the emotional tale behind Chloe and Rachel and made me want to see them succeed. Interactions with other characters can feel unimportant despite context, but many of these choices...

By on 70

I have to be honest, I am really struggling with Life is Strange: Before the Storm as a gaming experience. I just cannot connect with Chloe as a character for some reason which could be a result of knowing where she will end up in the original Life is...

International Review By on 80

Der Sturm braut sich zusammenLife is Strange: Before the Storm geht mit Episode 2, “Brave New World”, in die nächste Runde. Wie wird sich Chloes Leben in Arcadia Bay entwickeln? Und vor allem: Macht die zweite Folge spielerisch auch etwas anders? Diese...

International Review By on 70

J'ai été assez partagé par cet épisode. Vous le savez, je suis un grand fan de Life is Strange et j'ai été complètement charmé par le jeu orignal. Toujours aussi dubitatif quant à ce préquel, j'ai dû mal à me dire si je suis vraiment plongé en plein...

International Review By on

Niveau wird gehalten Knapp sieben Wochen hat sich Entwicklerteam Deck Nine für die zweite Episode von Life is Strange: Before the Storm Zeit gelassen. Ob sich die lange Wartezeit gelohnt hat? Es wird intensiver „Brave New World“ knüpft nahtlos an...