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By on 85

Due to Nintendo's pedigree in the games industry, the Nintendo Switch is a logical destination for indie titles looking to relive the golden days of gaming. While Lumo definitely looks to pull the nostalgia heart strings, the style of game it pays...

By PC Gamer on 75

A fun, imaginative platformer that's full of ideas, but prepare to die, a...

By EuroGamer on 80

Perhaps Lumo's great asset, however, is its novelty as homage to a rare vintage. While the majority of the medium's early classics have been revisited, reignited and repackaged by contemporary designers, isometric puzzle games in the style of Knight Lore, Head Over Heels, Amaurote, Solstice and Equinox have been mostly overlooked. Noyce began this project wanting to answer the question: 'What would those games be like today?' Lumo is a fitting title for the answer he's found: enchanting.

By HardcoreGamer on 80

Lumo is a big, puzzley, dungeon-romping love letter to the history of gaming, filled with references to a huge number of titles but still more than able to carve out its own identity. Secrets and collectibles are scattered along the path, and you’re not expected to find them all the first time through. At only a couple of hours in length, Lumo encourages replayability with mini-games, hidden areas and even an Old School mode that limits lives and applies a timer to the run.

International Review By on 70

Lumo est un titre qui tente de faire revivre le jeu d'aventure en vue isométrique bien connu de la génération des années 80/90. Développé par Triple Eh ?, le soft est disponible sur PC et PS4. Une question se pose toutefois : Lumo arrivera-t-il à...