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By Expert Reviews on 60

This real-time strategy game is spoilt by the programmers saving all the best bits until last. The first half of its single-player campaign steals clumsily from a dozen similar titles, without introducing a single new idea of its own. This is...

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 36

In my years of leading vast armies, harvesting tiberium and losing to Korean children in Starcraft matches, I’ve realized that RTS games are a tough thing to get right, because it requires that the developer find the mysterious zen-like balance...

By Play TM on 50

The more games I play the more it becomes obvious to me that for an industry reliant upon creativity a worryingly large number of games are depressingly average right from the moment you open the box. Theres nothing particularly wrong with them they...

By GameZone on 74

It’s been mentioned over and over again by the press, and even me, but the PC market is changing. The PC is no longer the dominant gaming platform it once was years ago. Instead the PC market has matured and transitioned into a niche gaming...

By Strategy Informer on 82

I had the pleasure of tasting KDVs Maelstrom as a preview release, but now I get the whole end product experience. Much has been polished even from just the menu, as you select a different option the camera will shift focus onto a different part of...

By IT Reviews on

flawed and frustrating futuristic RTS: Theres nothing like a good, Apocalyptic view of the future to fuel the storyline for a decent FPS or strategy game. Unfortunately nowadays you have to come up with something out of the ordinary to gain...