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By New Game Network on 69

Creative and charming, McDROID is an endearing little adventure with some hefty core gameplay chops that very nearly carry the game all on their own. Sadly, it nevertheless gets dragged down by an over-aggressive difficulty curve, a heavy reliance on...

By HardcoreGamer on 50

For a game that put so much time into crafting this upgrade system, McDroid sure spends a lot of time discouraging you from ever using them. So why have it? It’s all part of this innovation versus execution debate. The addition of a playable droid to collect currency and build the weapons, whose well-being is equally as important as the tower you have to defend, is a pleasant experience.

By GameZone on

I've always seen Tower Defense as a genre with a head start on the competition. The wave-based flow, the upgrades, the chaotic visuals, they all add up to a genre built distinctly on fun and satisfying mechanics. The genres concepts are inherently good,...

International Review By Xbox Aktuell on 61

Alles in allem hätte aus "McDroid" ein akzeptabler Tower-Defense-Titel werden können, welcher aber leider an entscheidenden Punkten gravierende Schwächen aufweist. So sorgen das uninspirierte Leveldesign, das chaotische Gameplay und nicht zuletzt die...

International Review By on

Si les jeux de Tower Defense pullule le marché du jeu mobile, il est surtout présent sous la forme de MOBA sur nos pc et consoles. McDroid fait un peu parti de l'exception confirmant la règle et propose une vision personnelle du tower defense.McDroid...