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By Realm of Gaming on 75

PCIf you've ever flown a plane in a videogame before, you know the feeling. The slow ascent, the escalation of the throttle, and the exhilaration of takeoff. It is also the feeling of that time you rolled too hard, titling the plane off balance and...

By IGN Gear on 80

With Nimbus, Noumenon Games delivers a creative, accessible, and intelligently designed title. Its style of gameplay fuses twitch action with puzzle and racing elements and offers challenges that, while sometimes frustrating, remain satisfying all the...

By Gamers Daily News on 95

This is the game that, when I saw the trailer for it, I had to play it. Luckily, I’m a games journalist, so I got it from the developer. But I would gladly have paid full price on this title if I had been required. Read on to find out...

International Review By Gamers Globe on 60

Vi tager et kig på en indie-titel, der kombinerer puzzle og racing.Nimbus er en puzzle/racer udviklet af Noumenon Games, hvor du med inerti via tyngdekraften og diverse accellererende anordninger skal bevæge dig rundt i et lille rumskib....

International Review By on 90

Nimbus er en perle av et spill. Det kombinerer den vanedannende jakten på «den perfekte tiden» som vi kjenner fra TrackMania og Trials-spillene med intelligent og utfordrende hjernetrim. Det sier litt om spillet at selv etter å ha...