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By Games Radar on 40

Obscure: The Aftermath is a survival-horror game aimed at people that love Hollywood screamers. The story involves a rowdy fraternity party that unleashes mutants on a college campus, and the to-do list calls for hacking up those creatures with hockey...

By IGN Gear on 75

Once upon a time, if you were a college student, the mere act of even thinking about waggling your wand in a ladys magic cavern would pretty much guarantee a visit from your local friendly psychopath for a quick correctional course via a selection of...

By Strategy Informer on 62

Set almost two years after the botanical events of the first game, Obscure II opens with our scholarly chums now having embarked to University dorms, and living the standard hedonistic lifestyle of an American college student. Wandering around the...

International Review By FZ.se on 40

Det har varit ont om välgjorda skräckspel den senaste tiden. Så när Hydravision återvänder med en uppföljare till sitt halvdana Obscure från 2004 blev i alla fall jag nyfiken. Men har fransmännen verkligen gjort sin läxa den här gången? Originalet...

International Review By TweakUp on 70

Så nåede vi til vejs ende for min første artikel på TweakUp. Det blev så Obscure 2, som skulle stå for skud. Spillet, som er et ganske middel et af slagsen, men det mangler lige det sidste, som gør det spændene.Gameplayet er der ikke noget nyt...