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Local multiplayer never quite feels the same online as it does in-person: all the energy of the game feels amped up when you're playing next to real people. Ghost Town Games' Overcooked captures that energy and throws it into a fast-paced, hectic...

By gotgame.com on

Overcooked is the quintessential party game. Its mechanics are not overly complex and the its tone is fun.It slowly eases players into increasingly difficult challenges, giving the game a gradual slope. The presentation is quirky and...

By Gaming Illustrated on

Overcooked capitalizes on its simple premise and easy controls to offer up a surprisingly challenging and addicting game. With a notable absence of couch co-op games these days for friends, this fills the hole...

By New Game Network on

Overcooked’s biggest problem is balance. Although the game is immensely more entertaining with four people playing, it’s actually easier with fewer players, as the required point totals are lower. As boring as it is to play alone (which is sometimes handled by switching control between two cooks), it’s often the best way to earn three-star ratings.

By GameInformer on

One of the most fun and challenging local co-op games ever made, but the single-player experience is less thrilling, making the lack of online play...

By PC Gamer on

Have you ever wanted to be on Hell's Kitchen? Well, look no further than the couch cooperation (or competitive) cooking game Overcooked, as it has everything but Chef Gordon Ramsay. Heck, it even includes a button to swear—though no foul language is...

By CGM on

What it boils down to is that if you have two or more controllers and the appropriate amount of friends to play with, then you should check out Overcooked, but if you’re looking to dine alone, then you had best move on. If it were multiplayer-only, it actually might have fared better, but the sloppy single-player design cannot go ignored. And even without that, a flawed campaign hinders an otherwise good-looking game with some nice gameplay at its core. If you have the patience, you may want to at least give it a taste, but otherwise, send Overcooked back to the kitchen for being underdone.

By HardcoreGamer on

Overcooked est une très bonne surprise pour moi. Fun et très bien pensé, j'ai passé de très bons moments sur ce jeu qui se montre d'autant plus savoureux à plusieurs. Il s'agit là pour moi d'un des meilleurs party-game que j'ai pu voir depuis longtemps,...

International Review By actugaming.net on

"Overcooked: The Lost Morsel" ist ein DLC, der preislich mit knappen 5 Euro zwar nicht über die Stränge schlägt, aber dennoch nicht für jeden zu empfehlen ist. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist hoch angesetzt und daher für Einsteiger eher ungeeignet. Außerdem...

International Review By Xbox Aktuell on