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By Realm of Gaming on 35

PCToday I'm going to divulge one of my greatest secrets. I bray on and on about macho games like Final Fight and Bloody Wolf, and how I love playing such titles while eating a bloody steak and downing an extra stout dark brew. Heck, some might...

By Gamers Daily News on 75

Back in the early 90s, publishers like Sierra, Apogee, and so on had to make due with pretty limited technology by today’s standards. While nonetheless cutting edge at the time, they sometimes found it best to go for bright, colorful...

By GadgetSpeak on 76

They are small, cute and loveable – no I’m not referring to the people responsible for Gadgetspeak but the characters of a puzzle game from Wadjey Eye....

By Gaming Daily on 86

If you don’t like it, YOU’RE A FLIPPING ROBOT.Which, ironically, is exactly what Puzzle Bots is about. Hurrah.The little bots try and fix a broken bigger bot. Also, fires.Puzzle Bots is a little adventure game in which you solve puzzles using five...

International Review By Skillpoint on 20

Små, trevliga pusselspel går det tjugo på dussinet av och Puzzle Bots är ett av dem. I ett laboratorium utvecklar ett gäng coola forskare små hjälpsamma robotar för att användas till olika sysslor. Robotarna...