Reviewers Liked

  • Space Radio, Surprising amount of hidden systems, Get to be a space cowboy, Combat is fine
  • Welcoming for players new to space sims, Fun combat that grows more complex and satisfying, Great music and art style
  • Gorgeous artwork creates some stunning visual moments during combat and travel, Combat is exciting, challenging, and visually engrossing, Station gameplay is simple and elegant, Wonderful southern hard rock soundtrack really adds to the space trucker styl
  • Strikes the perfect balance between fun and simulation, Plenty of options for progression without being too grindy or overwhelming, Amazing soundtrack

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Script isn't good, Space isn't as exciting, Missions are just waypoints to reach
  • Repetitive gameplay, Underused characters and shallow story, Long-distance travel is underwhelming and can be dull
  • Inexplicable difficulty spikes can be intensely disheartening, Grind for progress feels forced in order to progress the story
  • Difficulty scaling is sometimes an issue, especially early in the game, as random encounters can sometimes be more difficult than you are prepared for, Game only saves when you dock at a station, so a lot of progress can be lost if you are too greedy and