Romance of the Three Kingdoms 11




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Expert reviews and ratings

By 1Up on 81

Contrary to the Final Fantasy series, when Koei gives you Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI, they're really giving you the 11th iteration of the exact same game. That's a lot of refinement, folks -- and it's a testament to the series'...

By Strategy Informer on 80

Starting off in one of the many historical scenarios, its your duty as commander-in-chief to build city settlements from the ground up, gradually expanding reach and influence across China, waging war and diplomacy against opposing generals along the...

By Games Radar on 60

In many ways, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI is much like the love that old people have for each other: it’s deep, it’s been going on for a long time, and to most people it’s completely impenetrable. You don’t understand how...

By Play TM on 70

Im not built for a game like Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI. I doubt many of us are. These days, your average game is basically an interactive screensaver you watch and pay forty quid for. Its all down to publishers demanding their investments to...