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Expert reviews and ratings

By DarkZero on 65

Apart from dabbling occasionally in the newspaper, or joining in with someone else’s game, it is probably fair to say that most videogames players do not indulge in the puzzle genre on their PC. Many of us enjoy a good puzzle adventure and there...

By GameZone on 70

If you’re looking for adventure, funny quips or hair-raising tension, this isn’t the right place. What are here are puzzles galore, pure and simple. This game isn’t even trying to disguise its main function with any story elements...

By IT Reviews on

brain-teasing puzzle games: The safe-cracker is that most skilled of burglars. To become one you need an ear as trained as a classical musicians, fingers as nimble as a surgeons and the patience of a saint. Well, its either...

International Review By Clubic on 80

Safecracker est très agréable pour tous ceux qui aiment faire travailler intensément leurs cellules grises. Nos neurones sont souvent mis à rude épreuve. La réalisation nous empêche de nous ennuyer et les informations données au compte-gouttes donnent...