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SAS Secure Tomorrow

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Well I suppose I had better stop there before I really aggravate some real SAS and they come kick in my door. I do respect what they do, and consider the publisher City Interactive, probably projected this game on a relatively low budget destined for...

By DreamStation on

For those not familiar with the SAS, it’s the Brits’ equivalent of the U.S. Marine Corps. Or, if you believe SAS: Secure Tomorrow’s interpretation, it’s an army of unkillable yet dim-witted super-soldiers that mow down...

By Games Radar on

SAS: Secure Tomorrow is a pretty good game, considering it is only a budget title. The biggest complaint players will have towards this game is the actual length of the game, since it can be beaten in just a few hours, and the true lack of challenge...

By GameZone on

City-Interactive’s SAS Secure Tomorrow is another entry in the nearly endless stream of titles in the “Budget Shooter” genre, and as such should benefit from the low expectations one brings to such a game. It seems unfair to compare...

By Gaming Nexus on

Bad AI detracts from a simplistic squad aspect. For an under US$20 budget title, SAS Secure Tomorrow from City Interactive actually delivers a fairly impressive game and graphics engine, highly atypical given that budget title typically means budget...

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