Editors Liked

  • Thoughtful updates refine Civilization's core rules. Late game starts can remove the tedium of character development. Astonishing number of add-on modes for extra gameplay. ESRB rating: Everyone 10+
  • Augments already deep elements
  • Espionage; Corporations; the Apostolic Palace; new units, buildings and play mechanics; great mods and scenarios
  • Tons of new units, buildings, leaders etc, Completely new latestage scenarios for Civ IV, Fantastic mods with loads of gameplay, Mods take Civ in new directions, Loads of different playing styles, it’s almost like a minigame fiesta!

Editors Didn't Like

  • Rule changes only moderately update the original game. Poor organization and introduction to new game modes
  • Doesn’t alter fundamental gameplay; more of the same
  • Crowded UI; new mechanics not useful in all situations; “Afterworld” mod
  • Some of the graphics look a tad dated