Sid Meiers Civilization 4: Complete Edition




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By DarkZero on 94

Published November 8th 2005. Written by Thomas McDermott. Leave me alone! What? No I am not writing a review about Civilization 4, I want to play it more. (4 hours later) Please, just a few more minutes! What?? It is now 4am, what?! It’s when...

By GameZone on 96

I gave the same rating I gave the original Civilization IV, even though I rated the subsequent expansions slightly lower. This package is the ultimate Civ experience and is just a little short of...

By Gaming Nexus on 96

What more can one say about Sid Meier’s Civilization IV? Here’s an almost-four-year-old game that manages to be every bit as addictive now as it was back then. This is turn-based conquer the world at its finest. That alone makes it worth a...