Editors Liked

  • A real sense of progression as you move down, Perfect for replaying over and over again
  • Players can select a difficulty setting at the start of each run. The game constantly pushes you to try and improve. Right after death, the game makes you want to start over instantly, trying to decrease risky actions. Skyhill will encourage you to do bet
  • Challenging experience, addictive fun

Editors Didn't Like

  • A slightly shoddy translation into English that can be off putting at times, Random generation can sometimes put you into unfairly tight spots, Unruly controls that take a bit too much getting used to
  • All things considered, Skyhill does more things well than not. This is a very accessible survival game that doesn't make you read through massive amounts of text or mull over every single decision, which is great. A little more variety within the setting
  • Random generation seems intent on preventing the player from surviving