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By Games Radar on 50

You know you’re in for a strange ride when the intro sequence to a game is a Soviet flag with the anthem of the USSR playing in its entirety. Yes, this is the game everyone and his dog has been getting in a bit of a lather about, the one with the...

By NowGamer on 18

It’s not as if Stalin vs. Martians is boring, it’s just offensively bad and the worst RTS we’ve ever played. Stalin was a nasty man, but even he would be ashamed of inflicting this particular legacy upon the world. 1.8/10Print this...

By GamePro on 20

The Red Army meets the Red Planet -- what can go wrong? We give you a play-by-play of this "ambitious" RTS. THE VERDICT by Tae K. Kim On paper, this game sounds like a million dollar idea. It's campy and hilarious in a good way. But it sounds like...

By Diehard GameFAN on 53

Stalin vs. Martians is a good joke, but a bad, unbalanced mess of a game. At 15$, it’s also an expensive joke that I can’t recommend to anyone. If the price drops to 5$ or even 10$, it would be worth picking up for the soundtrack alone as it...

By Hooked Gamers on 30

The general purpose of a review is for you, the reader, to get an understanding of one particular individual’s experience with a game and based on their words decide if the game may be right for you. Let me make this really easy for you, Stalin vs....

By BrightHub on 20

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By Strategy Informer on 25

Martians to be exact. Forget about those stern Nazis, this hidden conflict is far more interesting. Stalin vs. Martians is a three-way collaboration between Black Wing Foundation, Dreamlore and N-Game. They’ve made nothing of note, and sadly after...

By on

To have an amusing idea for a fun RTS game is not a crime but to produce one with no strategy, aggravating music, bad pathfinding and controls, while full of bugs and imbalances, should lead to a court martial. Mezmer Games - Stalin vs Martians price...