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By CGM on 60

Roguelikes with randomly generated levels are easy to find these days, but games like 90's classics Descent and Forsaken aren't. That is where Sublevel Zero Redux comes in, combining the gameplay and controls of those retro classics with the current fad...

By DarkZero on 70

I am going to use some shorthand now – sorry about that. I have never been hugely into rogue, roguelikes, roguelike-likes and the like. No matter how deep down that rabbit hole you go, that style of game very rarely grabbed me. The one time I was...

By New Game Network on 66

Sublevel Zero breathes new life into the 6DOF genre, but does it with the unfortunate side-effect of crippling insubstantiality. Good for a taste of claustrophobic zero-gravity combat, but without the depth or breadth to follow...

By Hooked Gamers on 80

Move Over Calrissian If you've ever sat watching the iconic Battle of Endor from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and thought, "That Lando thinks he's all that flying through a half-built Death Star, but that Death Star could be more neon…" then you're in...

By EuroGamer on 65

I'm just not sure how often I'll keep returning to the game, as each restart and replay through a technically different yet largely familiar map chips away at Sublevel Zero's best features, rather than supporting them. With its rock solid gameplay core, though, it would only take tweaked updates to the crafting and roguelike algorithms to easily turn a good game into something great.

By Tom's Guide on

Dozens of games are added to the Steam store on any given day, and a lot of them are from small developers you've never heard of, selling low-priced games you'll probably ignore. Often, scattered among those many new titles are a few gems worth the...

By Diehard GameFAN on

Please enjoy our video review for Sublevel Zero!Tags: Action, indie, Masteronic, PC, review, Sigtrap Games, steam, Sublevel Zero,...

By on

Sublevel Zero, Sigtrap Games' debut title, enters the video game market as something most people today will have never experienced. The most obvious call back to the free-floating first-person shooter genre of yesteryear is 1994's Descent.Players sit in...

By CGM on 80

It's rare that a game addresses the existence of random level arrangements. Sigtrap Games seized the opportunity the thematic context that a sci-fi setting provides and introduces their title with a backstory wrapped in the universe's descent into a...

International Review By on 88

Hace varias décadas atrás, a fines del siglo XX, los juegos 6DoF (seis grados de libertad – seis ejes) eran toda una novedad, logrando el estatus de benchmark para cualquier PC que pudiera mover a algunos polígonos y manejar una o dos luces dinámicas en...