Sword Of The New World: Granado Espada



Sword Of The New World: Granado Espada

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With its unique graphical and gameplay style, Sword of the New World has much of what it takes to succeed in the North American market. Ill also praise a system that makes controlling several characters great fun instead of a great headache. My...

By Game Chronicles Magazine on

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG for short) are a huge business nowadays. The genre has been rapidly increasing over the years. Every company wants to get in on the trend, especially when you hear about Blizzard’s World of...

By DarkZero on

There are going to be people who really enjoy Sword of the New World. People who enjoy Lineage II, for instance, were probably falling over each other with anticipation before this game came out. And thats understandable because its a Korean-style...

By IGN Gear on

You could be excused for not having heard of Sword of the New World. In fact, you could even be excused if you have heard of it but don’t see any need to get excited. At the moment, between WoW, LOTR Online and Guild Wars, most of us have our...

By Trusted Reviews on

K2 Network No Box Art Available Sword of the New World is a free to play fantasy MMORPG. Its a bit different from other MMORPGs in a few ways. Most notably the setting, which is somewhat similar to the 17th century colonization of North America,...

By Gameplay Monthly on

Alles für die FamilieSchon zu Beginn ist dieses Spiel von Hanbit Soft, K2 Network nicht mehr mit den restlichen Online Rollenspielen zu vergleichen. Denn statt nur einen Charakter zu erstellen, müsst ihr mindestens drei Abenteurer zum Leben...

International Review By PlayMassive on