Reviewers Liked

  • Good Story, very well written, with excellent banter between characters, The graphics are simplebutbeautiful, very easy on the eyes. The music definitely makes you feel like you are a pirate
  • Voice acting is still top notch and the puzzles have been improved
  • Very funny, you get to interact with Elaine and LeChuck in a whole new light and more islands to explore
  • Great humor, As good a game as the first episode
  • It's Monkey Island, Morgan LeFlay is fun, Easy puzzles

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Controls! I would kill for a better system; just say no to “Click and Drag.”, Sometimes overly complicated or unintuitive puzzles, A bit too hamhanded and cheesy at times
  • Replay factor is minimal and you really have to play the first episode to know whats going on
  • No insult sword fighting (still) and dialogue leaves much to be desired
  • Just three hour long
  • A bit on the unfunny side, The plot does not thrill, Puzzles are perhaps a bit too easy, The episode is extremely short