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Expert reviews and ratings

By BrightHub on 60

The Club is a fast paced 3rd person modern shooter that tries to combine the thrill of shooting enemies and the excitement of racing through buildings and corridors against the clock. It tries to make the gameplay feel like a race, but falls short on...

By Atomic MPC on 50

Better graphics than console versions; adequate sound.Repetitive; poorly ported; repetitive; little depth;...

By GameZone on 67 | Digg This | Glink It The recipe is simple: take eight steel-nerved killers, thousands of low-level thugs, eight dirty and dangerous locales, sprinkle liberally with weaponry, throw in a blender and put on puree. The result is a blood...

By Expert Reviews on 60

This action games a little different from the norm. Like an arcade game of yesteryear, The Club is all about the high scores. Theres no storyline to speak of, and no purpose other than to gun down legions of pop-up men as quickly and efficiently...

By Games Radar on 80

Every shooter ever made shares a set of common principles: Moving from point A to point B, trying not to get shot, and placing the sight at the center of the screen over various targets as quickly as your eyes and thumbs will allow. The only real...

By on

I haven’t had a whole lot of time (enough to review it but haven’t finished it) to play this title from Sega, but what I can tell you is that it provides one with hours of mindless fun. It’s a much different approach to shooters then...

By AsiaOne on

GETTING in on the action in The Club is like going from zero to 100kmh in a sports car. Except, here its from picking up the controller to picking off bad guys down in the gutter.Gameplay takes a no-nonsense start the action immediately policy more...

By Play TM on

What was your favourite element of Bizarre Creations Project Gotham series? Perhaps it was the breadth of vehicles and tracks, the impressive rival driver AI, or maybe it was the kicks to be had thrashing your vehicle around well-designed courses,...