The Darkside Detective

The Darkside Detective

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The Darkside Detective is a charming point and click adventure with a taste for the sillier aspects of horror. Expect to see references to 80s and 90s pop culture while solving cases alongside the Darkside Division’s finest. It’s not the sort of game likely to stump players with inane item puzzles and that’s a good thing.

By HardcoreGamer on

Thus far in the Switch's short life, I've been surprised by the number of titles from the resurgent classic adventure genre as well as their quality. The fact that the Switch is both portable and has a touchscreen may have a lot to do with this; in many...

By on

Darkside Detective is a quirky, sometimes overly so, adventure game with simple but enjoyable puzzles that's over before you know...

By CGM on

This kind of thing is often used as a distraction from everything else being quite bad; wave Terry Pratchett around in one hand and the audience won't notice the magician is fucking up his entire trick in the other. Luckily, The Darkside Detective is...

By VideoGamer on

A unique supernatural investigation adventure game with challenging gameplay and a vast amount of humourous references to keep you...

By on

Mon attraction pour les visuels sommaires de The Darkside Detective a été immédiate. L'idée de pouvoir chausser les espadrilles d'un détective entouré de phénomènes paranormaux m'a tout de suite fait penser à la série X-Files ou plus récemment à...

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