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The Dream Machine

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Expert reviews and ratings

By Cheat Code Central on 84

Let's face it. Despite Roger Ebert's opinion to the contrary, video games can be art too. There are just too many examples of deeply moving and thought-provoking titles to deny this fact any longer. One example on this ever-expanding list is a project...

By Computeractive on 80

A stylish and unusual indie title that's worth a look, particularly if you enjoy adventure gaming...

By Play TM on 75

Victor and his recently pregnant wife have just moved into a new apartment. But if I were either of them, I wouldn't be too happy. Whoever built the place clearly never went to hygiene school (if such a thing exists). The bathroom leads straight into...

By PC Advisor on 80

An enchanting entry in a neglected genre. Matthew Handrahan...

By Ars Technica on

Much like last year's Machinarium, The Dream Machine is a pretty straightforward point-and-click adventure game that's elevated by a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere and subtly ominous sound design. This is a game world made of cardboard, clay, and...

International Review By on 83

Adoro le avventure grafiche, anche se oggi sono diventate quasi un genere per pensionati. Le adoro perché non mi mettono fretta. Perché vantano alcune delle migliori sceneggiature mai scritte nel campo dei videogame. Perché hanno personaggi che si...