The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

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Expert reviews and ratings

By Xtra Gamer on 96

Despite being released a couple of years ago this game is still one of the best RPG’s on the market! After much consideration I decided to buy Oblivion on the PS3 and see what it was like. After looking on many websites I saw that although there...

By BrightHub on 100

Oblivion could have been just another RPG in the world. Thanks to clever design and an expansive world however, it is far from just another RPG. Oblivion is a game that can easily satisfy a wide range of players. The PlotRating The main storyline of...

By Expert Reviews on 100

The most stunning role-playing game weve ever played. Graphics are amazing, and theres so much to do you could play it for a month and still have loads left to do. By David Ludlow Read comments: 0 Add comments Email a friend Add to Scrapbook...

By GameZone on 95

Tangled in a web of his own making, the bandit had run out of arrows at the most crucial of times and worst yet he backed up into a dead end and was surrounded by massive boulders. With no choice, this genius of highway robbery whipped out a knife...

By Maximum PC on 90

Driving to work, I spied one of those “I’d rather be…” bumper-stickers, and in this particular driver’s case the activity was “golfing.” I immediately said to myself—out loud, no less—“Yeah,...

By PC Pro on 100

Cast a spell or crush some skulls while you feed your inner nerd with this fantasy role-playing game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is role-play for the masses. Gone are the traditional 20-sided dice and pewter figurines, replaced with a slick...

By on 100

The ultimate non-linear role playing...

By CNET Australia on 95

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is simply one of the best role-playing games ever made....

By Trusted Reviews on 90

It’s not an easy time for a new single-player RPG. Over the last two years, even hardcore fans have begun to concede that the future is probably online. Take a world of the scale and beauty of World of Warcraft’s Azetoth, fill it with...

By ImpulseGamer on 96

Tory Favro9.6Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionHoly smokes Batman! I think we’ve struck gold with this title! It’s been some time since we all enjoyed Morrowind to the extent that gamers can and I am pleased to say that Oblivion picks up that great...

By Gameplay Monthly on 91

2K Games Oblivion was easily one of the most anticipated RPGs for this generation of gaming. After all, it takes everything Morrowind was good at and tones it up a notch. It then looked to everything Morrowind was missing and added them. With...

By cnet on 93

Spec: Role-Playing, 1 Player, Teen

By Atomic MPC on 95

Oblivion is pure, unrelenting role-playing bliss. Despite Radiant AI not living up to its hyped expectations, the rest of the game does - in amazing...

By Dev Hardware on

The fourth installment of the Elder Scrolls series is holding its own at number four in the U.S. game charts since its release and it’s easy to see why. This isn’t just a game; it’s a whole new reality, a gateway into an alternative...