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By Expert Reviews on 60

After several games that put you in control of bit-part characters, The Matrix: Path of Neo puts you in control of The One, as you follow the events in all three Matrix films. All the major events in the film are there. Like the first film, you...

By Maximum PC on 30

Remember Enter the Matrix? Shiny’s last game, timed to coincide with the launch of the last two Matrix movies, was seriously flawed, but still included moments of fun. Path of Neo addresses the main complaint about the first game—you...

By PC Mag on 50

This game is not a sequel to the Matrix games and films but more a retelling that (for the first time) lets you play all the way through as Neo. Youll relive some of the best moments of the series and enjoy a few added action sequences. But youll...

By GameZone on 67

This movie came pretty much out of nowhere and stunned audiences with its story and special effects. The movie I am referring to is the original Matrix. Since that time there have been two lackluster movie sequels, a cartoon movie series (The...

By CNET Australia on 85

The Matrix: Path of Neo is a generally enjoyable beat-em-up which is unfortunately burdened with some control issues. But its extended look at the Matrix trilogy means it?s a must have for fans of the series. If you?re a Matrix completist, then rush...

By Gameplay Monthly on 51

The Matrix: Path of Neo (PC)Genre: Action / Fighting If you love games and movies the chances are you have heard of the Matrix. This is the latest offering in the franchise and for the first time, players can ?be? Neo in this action packed...

International Review By Smartson on

The Matrix: Path of Neo är ett actionfyllt spel från Shiny Entertainment där du spelar Neo från att han är datanörd till den utvalde. Testarna har delade åsikter om story och...

International Review By TweakUp on

I Forbindelse med Matrix filmene og deres storheds periode, kom der en række spil til både pc og konsolverdenen bygget på bl.a. Neo. For et stykke tid siden kom så den version de fleste der var fan af filmene havde set mest frem til, nemlig The...