The Sims 2: Pets




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By DarkZero on 70

Published November 19th 2006. Written by Thomas McDermott. This is possibly going to be the most pointless review ever. You see, fans of The Sims will most likely have already gone out and bought this title just because it adds a few more features to...

By on 50

"The Sims Pet Stories" Features Two stories complete with goals to follow that involve both Sims and pets. Stories contain 12 chapters, works out to be about one Sim day to a chapter if you complete goals quickly. Complete the stories and open up the...

By Gameguru Mania on 75

The Sims 2 Pets(hx) 05:35 PM EST - Nov,29 2006 The Sims 2: Open for Business is the fourth expansion pack to the sales-record-breaking The Sims 2 game. This expansion pack allows your Sims to create your own pet, breed, sell and even adopt lovable...

By GameZone on 82

Electronic Arts and Maxis were notorious for pumping out a new expansion for the original Sims every few months. Not only have they continued this trend with The Sims 2, but they’re doing it with finesse. In the past two years, we’ve seen...

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 80

Like the previous Sims 2 expansions, Pets seamlessly improves upon and adds to the existing gameplay by allowing your Sims to experience a lifelike caricature of yet another facet of everyday life. While this newest expansion isn’t likely to...

By CNET Australia on 71

The Pets expansion adds an interesting wrinkle to The Sims 2 but wont set the world, or even your sims house, on fire....

By cnet on 71

Spec: Strategy, 1 Player, Teen

International Review By Subdogs on 80

EA fortsätter att bygga ut The Sims 2 med nya expansionspaket. Det senaste bidraget heter Djurliv och som namnet antyder så får simmarna husdjur. De tidigare expansionspaketen har varit ganska breda i sitt innehåll med massor av olika delar. Djurliv...

International Review By GamePlayer on 80

Även om jag på förhand anade att det var en dålig idé att döpa min The Sims-katt till samma namn som min riktiga kunde jag inte låta bli. Verklighetens Dante Hård digitaliserades och flyttade in till...