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By NZGamer on 65

When it comes to videogame dystopias they tend to fall into two main categories. Dingy and dirty like Fallout and Bioshock, or so obnoxiously clean that you know something is wrong. Much like the Mirror's Edge series, The Tomorrow Children from Q-Games...

By on 68

Platforms: PS4 (reviewed)In a time when replayability and procedural generation are common buzz words in game marketing, where popular genres often end in “-like” and when mashups are not only more abundant than ever but a staple of non-AAA game...

By Trusted Reviews on

It looks beautiful, sounds bonkers and we're still not quite sure how it works, yet this is one of the most exciting and imaginative games on the horizon and another potential gem for PS4. The Tomorrow Children might have us baffled, but it also has us...

International Review By on 50

En gros, ce jeu m'a fait penser à Sim City, mais se jouant à la troisième personne avec des personnages effrayants tout en étant joli en papier mâcher, sous une atmosphère ratée et décevante d'un régime totalitaire communiste. Aux premières images, je...

International Review By on 60

Sono sicuramente moltissimi i titoli a essere riusciti a rivoluzionare la concezione di videogioco. The Tomorrow Children fa parte sicuramente della cerchia delle avventure in grado di dare al giocatore un'esperienza completamente nuova, incentrata...

International Review By on 70

The Tomorrow Children is definitely a case of style over substance which fails to provide any sort of reason to keep you playing. It's a chore - and when a game feels like actual work, it's just not a fun game.The Tomorrow Children was reviewed by Umar...

International Review By on 65

Für die Entwicklung von The Tomorrow Children hat sich der Publisher Q Games mit Unterhaltungsgigant Sony zusammengetan. Das Ergebnis ist ein PS4 exklusiver Free2Play-Online-Multiplayer, in dem es die menschliche Zivilisation wieder ordentlich auf...

International Review By on

Tech FeaturesThe Tomorrow Children preview: The red MinecraftThe Tomorrow Children carries a very Red mix of Minecraft gameplay, Pixar-like animation, and heavy Soviet Russian themes. As a result, the game's imagery and mechanics are different from many...

International Review By on

冷戦時代から違う時間軸を進み旧ソ連の社会主義が残っているパラレルワールドで、プレイヤーがオンライン上の他のプレイヤーと協力しながら国家を再建し絶滅した人類の復活を目指すという、これまでにないPS4向けのゲーム「 The Tomorrow Children 」のクローズドベータテストが行われました。今回はベータテストに参加することができたので、気になるThe Tomorrow Childrenの世界観やゲームシステムを発売より一足先に堪能してきました。 The Tomorrow...