Reviewers Liked

  • Tokyo Dark Remembrance– tells a very interesting and layered story. With some stunning twists and turns, it's hard to put the game down once you've started. It has a great balance of horror and mystery, with some comedy sprinkled in. Luckily, it never lea
  • Decisions you make have an effect on the direction of the game, as well as your character's sanity
  • Most puzzles have more than one solution, The SPIN system adds a layer of complexity, Multiple endings extend replay, A legitimately creepy soundtrack

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • When text fills up more than one line on the text box, which happens very frequently, it overflows and then drops down to the line below. It's awkward when you're reading along with the text and the word is being filled letter by letter, before abruptly g
  • Sometimes it is hard to tell what decisions are available to you, even when you know that there has to be another solution to the situation
  • Boilerplate “edgy” depiction of Tokyo, Inconsistent tone, Predictable plot turns, Slightly embarrassing visuals