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Expert reviews and ratings

By GamePlanet on 85

Not every game has to be a AAA boxed title, and some of the most inventive and addictive game experiences are to be found in casual titles. Barry takes Waveform for a spin and finds a...

By Gaming Nexus on 96

Independent games are known for their novel approaches to design by introducing bold and innovative gameplay concepts. In what can almost be considered a resurgence of the independent community, it can often be challenging to sort through the vast...

By Gamers Daily News on 90

With the arcade/puzzler genre exploding during the modern indie game movement, Eden Industries does a great job bringing something original and entertaining to the table with Waveform. The “light wave” manipulation is a refreshing gameplay mechanic....

By Destructoid on 80

I don't get to play enough games like Waveform.For starters, it's an independent title that doesn't use 8- or 16-bit graphics and isn't painfully derivative which, unfortunately, describes much of the stuff I'm willing to shove in front of my...

By eTeknix on

Indie games are more than just a craze, with unique little titles popping up all over the internet on a daily basis its hard to find the best of the bunch, but every so often a little gem comes out of nowhere and shines out above the rest, today that gem...