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Even though there is hardly a dearth of open world third-person shooters on the market these days, Wheelman somehow manages to keep its head above the water. The potential for greater things is apparent throughout almost all of Wheelman, but...

By Game Observer on

If GTA is a bloody steak, this is tofu. For a game of a Vin Diesel movie about car chases, deadly shootouts and criminal gangs, Wheelman is bizarrely inoffensive. Its overly broad European streets pose almost no threat and little in the way of...

By Games Radar on

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By BrightHub on

Aside from the complete lack of controller support (other than the 360 controller for those who have a PC version), as well as laptop support, Wheelman delivers a half-way decent driving game with some fun mechanics thrown in. It’s pretty basic...

By Diehard GameFAN on

I had heard a lot about this game before the release date and I was impatient to have the dvd on my shelf. The One-Paragraph VersionGood camera effects and gameplay combine to make the game worth checking out. Too bad it’s missing a few things and...

By Gamers Daily News on

Midway Studios Newcastle's/Tigon Studios’ Wheelman is an open-world action title. In it, you control a digital Vin Diesel named Milo. He’s good at driving and doesn’t mind killing anything that gets in his way. He also wears...

By Destructoid on

The PC release of Wheelman was something I was both looking forward to and dreading. I knew I had my expectations a little high, expecting quality comparable to recent “GTA clones” such as Saint’s Row 2. But at the same time, I knew...

By Tech Olive on

Wheelman will satisfy players of simple taste, but only briefly. Fans of long-lasting action could easily find a better place to spend their gaming...

By GameZone on

Vin Diesel car-jacking 18-wheelers in bullet-time while unloading shotgun blasts into passing motorcycles? Yeah, I can dig Wheelman. Matt Cabral Lowest online price: ££9.93...

By PC Advisor on

Wheelman is a driving game with pretensions of being a movie. It stars actor Vin Diesel as Milo, a talented driver with a shady past. The game has no official connection with the latest Fast and Furious film, also starring Diesel, but both the...

By Expert Reviews on