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Expert reviews and ratings

By Strategy Informer on 75

If you want an enemy in your game that players can casually kill by the dozen, but don’t want to risk the controversy of slaughtering people, you can have zombies or robots. In this case it’s zombies, as you probably guessed from the title,...

By GameZone on 75

The modding community provides a great set of training wheels for indie developers, and even full-fledged studios nowadays. It’s a shame this wonderful pool of talent still does not receive the recognition it deserves by the industry-at-large...

By Games Radar on 70

It’s a little hard to take a game about surviving the undead apocalypse seriously when it slavishly follows seatbelt laws. No, sorry Mr. Fifth Survivor, we can’t give you a lift to safety – this taxi only legally has room for four...

By 1Up on 81

On the list of games I sincerely want to love, but can't, you'll find an odd Japanese game titled Zombies vs. Ambulances. The premise is hilariously weird, but the execution left a lot to be desired, and I've always hoped that somebody would...

By Tech Olive on 50

When we first saw Zombie Driver there was a unanimous sigh and we thought, “not another zombie game.” However, we were pleasantly surprised when we found Zombie Driver to be a fresh take on the genre. Definitely a change from the usual...

By Gamervision on 65

With a name like Zombie Driver, little is left to the imagination. It immediately lets any prospective buyers know two things: both driving and zombies will make an appearance. Seeing as there's likely a small audience for a Forza clone with all of...

By Destructoid on 60

This is a review for a game called Zombie Driver.The game is about running zombies over in a car and killing them with weapons attached to said car.The review will tell you, in my opinion, whether or not the act of running over and killing zombies...