Reviewers Liked

  • Delivered full power at 46°C, Good enough overall voltage regulation, Low ripple, Gold efficiency levels, Lots of available connectors (though there is only a single EPS connector), FDB fan (with LEDs), Japanese electrolytic caps and polymer caps of good

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Expensive, Not a terribly quiet operation overall, Noticed a sudden increase on the 5V rail's ripple with about 8.5 A and more load, No semipassive operation (While not a problem to me, some of you may want or need it), Would like it to have an additional
  • Looks great, Fullymodular design, Flat cabling, Good performance,  , Fan can get noisy, No hybridfan mode, Antec EDGE 650W, HEXUS.where2buy, Antec EDGE 650W, £94.80, Free shipping for HEXUS members, HEXUS.right2reply, At HEXUS, we invite the companies who