Reviewers Liked

  • Amazing voltage regulation, excellent ripple control, super long warranty, lots of accessories, fully modular, semifanless mode, excellent build quality
  • Resilient to heat, Highly efficient, Load regulation, Ripple suppression, Hold-up time, Silent, Build quality, Fully modular, 4x PCIe and 2x EPS connectors, Selectable semi-passive operation, FDB fan, Warranty, Looks
  • Amazing voltage regulation, fantastic build quality, amazing ripple suppression, semifanless mode, fully modular, ten year warranty, you know, I could go on for hours on this one

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Nothing
  • Max operating temp derated to 40C above 80% load, Seasonic PRIME Ultra 750W Titanium Power Supply, And once again, our thanks to Seasonic for designing such a capable power supply and sending us one to review, ‹ Efficiency, Differential Temperature an
  • Price, Inrush current could be lower, Distance between peripheral connectors
  • Still looking
  • Yeah, right