Intel Pentium G4600


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By Phoronix on

Earlier this week I posted some benchmarks looking at Intel Pentium vs. AMD Ryzen 3 performance for Linux gaming. Those tests on the Pentium and Ryzen systems were done with both NVIDIA and AMD Radeon graphics for seeing how the gaming performance...

By EuroGamer on

However, as good as it is for its ridiculously low cost, it's also important to recognise its limitations in real world gaming: many of us prefer the PC experience because it allows us to break free of the 30fps limits found in console titles - and 1080p60 gaming remains a highly desirable experience. Results here with the Pentium G4560 are variable and as good as it is as a budget processor, we still recommend a fast i5 for 60fps gaming on demanding modern titles.

By Phoronix on

The Pentium G4600 isn't adequate though for heavily threaded workloads and applications that prefer a greater amount of CPU cache. The Pentium CPU also does poorly for applications that benefit greatly from AVX/AVX2 support. But overall for a CPU less than $90 USD I am happy with the purchase and will be playing around with this processor in a few more tests in future articles on Phoronix.

International Review By Clube do Hardware on

No teste do Pentium G4560, já havíamos verificado que o seu desempenho era bem próximo ao do Core i3-7100. Agora, testando o Pentium G4600, chegamos à mesma conclusão: o seu desempenho é muito semelhante ao do Core i3-7100, pois a principal diferença...

International Review By on

Il est maintenant temps de conclure sur ces 3 processeurs que sont les Pentium G4560, G4600 et G4620.Nous n'irons pas par 4 chemins Intel a frappé très fort en dotant ses Pentium de l'Hyperthread, auparavant réservé aux Core i3. En résultent des...

International Review By on

Intel Pentium G4600的效能表現比起上一代G4500效能明顯提升許多,雖然僅僅只有雙核心,但是增加HT功能之後對於一些支援多工處理的應用環境仍有一定明顯助益,一般使用者預算有限的話,又不需中高階等級預算效能使用者,G4560/G4600都是值得一玩的CPU,預設時脈已達3.5/3.6GHz,搭配入門獨立顯示卡,也能發揮的不錯,相對於高階處理器搭配入門款獨立顯示卡效能(如Core i7 7700K搭配GTX 1050...