Reviewers Liked

  • Small, fun for kids, accepts SD cards
  • Small, lightweight and portable, Nice picture at small sizes, Seems well made, Fairly easy to use, Dual power, battery or DC, Works with other devices like iPod, cameras etc, Builtin memory and expandable with microSD card, Built in media player
  • Small dimensions, Easy to use, Good image quality in dark rooms

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Loud fan, low audio from built-in speaker, need extreme darkness to obtain enjoyable results, image loses contrast and colors quickly as size of image grows, expensive for a “toy” Every time you submit our site, an Angel gets its wings
  • No case, Lens cover does not stay on, Glossy surface picks up fingerprints, dust etc, Fan is loud, Only small capacity cards work with it
  • Poor onboard sound system, Poor image quality in even dimly lit rooms