Reviewers Liked

  • Sharp and clear image, Reasonable price, Good performance in well-lit rooms
  • Easy set up and use, Good image, Excellent lamp life, Auto-shutoff to save energy
  • Superb clarity and motion resolution, Decent color after calibration, High brightness, Killer 3D with zero crosstalk and lots of output, Compact chassis with a quiet fan
  • Sharp picture thanks to great optics, High output, over 60fL calibrated and over 200fL max, Good color accuracy, Compact chassis, Quiet fan

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • The speaker is functional but not good for watching movies, I wish it had Bluetooth so it could connect to an audio system wirelessly
  • Backlit remote, Better contrast, perhaps with an auto-iris, Better out-of-box accuracy
  • Better out-of-box accuracy, Auto-iris for higher contrast, Backlit remote