Editors Liked

  • Affordable, Powerful, Premium build, Rich AMOLED display, MicroSD and dual SIM slots
  • Performance This is easily one of the fastest phones I've ever used. I know that Mediatek has its, um..."quirks," but the Helio x10 is no joke. It's a beast. Also, it's got 3 GB of RAM, Storage 64GB is the only option with this phone, which is how it shou
  • Decent handling, Snapdragon 800 holds up, 32GB of storage out of the box, Priced competitively for an unlocked device
  • Affordable. Big, sharp display. Solid rear- and front-facing cameras. Snapdragon 800 processor

Editors Didn't Like

  • Heavy UI layer, Uneven camera performance, Very large, even for phablet lovers
  • Capacitive Buttons Yeah, they're here. But I will say this: there is quick access to Google Now by longpressing the home button, which is great. Because of that, I don't actually hate the capacitive keys...but I'd rather see onscreen navigation
  • Underwhelming battery performance, Poor display color accuracy; oversaturated tones, Weak brightness output with the display, Lots of bloated software features, Massive size makes it tough to hold
  • Uninspiring design, Performance is brought down by unoptimized software, Camera quality is only decent at best, No LTE, Unenjoyable software experience
  • Clunky, overwrought Android skin. No 4G LTE. Glossy plastic build