Reviewers Liked

  • Built to text reliably through damage, dunks and dust. Spacious, raised keyboard bests even nonrugged messaging phones. Document viewer covers all the standard bases: Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF. Charges via dock or resealable, waterresistant port. Br
  • Extremely well made, ruggged and durable, Good call quality, Great batery life
  • Built like a small submarine. Excellent QWERTY keyboard. Works with Verizon's push-to-talk service. Good battery life
  • Good keyboard, solid camera, clear call audio, fast PTT, strong design
  • The Casio G'zOne Brigade is one of a few ruggedized messaging phones. We really like its roomy keyboard and spacious keypad. It offers features like push-to-talk, a 3.2-megapixel camera, EV-DO Rev. A, GPS, and more

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Looks like an ice cream sandwich (with a fraction of the flavor). External 1.2inch screen is practically useless. Unlocking battery door is as complex as a Pythagorean puzzle. Battery lasts about a day with heavy use of web, navigation and messaging featu
  • Can’t transfer pictures via Bluetooth even though you have the option, Issues with web browsing, No USB Cable
  • Expensive. Poor multimedia performance
  • Lousy web browser, mediocre external keypad, bulky design
  • The Casio G'zOne Brigade is incredibly bulky and heavy