Reviewers Liked

  • Slim and stylish; sharp screen has good viewing angles; good surfing experience on IE; great for playing multimedia files
  • The HTC Mozart boasts a sleek design with a solid, brushed aluminum body. The Windows Phone 7 device has surround-sound technology and an 8-megapixel camera
  • Great design and build quality, good display quality, smooth and fast interface, great audio quality
  • Comfortable design, Clear display, UI is fast, super fluid and easy to navigate, Excellent audio quality
  • Fast processor, fresh UI, clean design
  • Wellbalanced performance, Highquality construction, Good camera, great flash
  • Top-notch build quality. User-friendly interface. Great-sounding music player
  • Slick, intuitive interface, excellent social integration in phonebook, top-notch email features, very responsive touch-screen, Zune and Xbox Live sync, app cost goes straight to mobile bill
  • Stylish design, Strong unibody construction, Handy HTC apps

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Lacks memory card slot; easy to accidentally hit the touchsenstive buttons; still no local Xbox Live hub and Marketplace; slow autofocus speed
  • No option for expanding memory. Camera quality is disappointing
  • Disappointing camera, awkwardly placed volume control buttons, controls below the display are placed too close to the display, battery life, FM radio reception, Windows Phone 7 feels terribly incomplete right now
  • No BT file transfer, Need to use Zune to transfer media and data, Transferring videos takes too long, No access to App Market in India yet, No Chat apps, No memory expansion, Call drop issue
  • No microSD card slot, fiddly/slow camera, no task manager
  • Immature OS with limited app support, No DLNA
  • Sluggish xenon flash. Unintuitive Zune desktop software. Limited apps to download
  • Making a phone call is a longwinded process, eight-megapixel camera is only mediocre, Bing Maps is still inferior to Google Maps – with no option to get Google Maps either Look and Feel
  • Subpar camera performance, Oddly positioned volume rocker, Slippery when holding with left hand