Reviewers Liked

  • Spacious keyboard, Large, tilting display, Solid construction, Simplie operating system
  • Solid feel to the device, Brilliant, vivid 3.6inch screen, Slide out keyboard for heavy typing, Good social network integration
  • Lovely design and quality, solid hinge
  • Typical HTC build, design, Superb keyboard, Solid battery life
  • Gorgeous screen, Great sound, Terrific QWERTY keyboard, Very good battery life
  • Great keyboard, Good display with a neat hinge mechanism, Contemporary, modern styling, Wellbuilt
  • The HTC Arrive features a durable design with a responsive QWERTY keyboard and a tilting screen. It's the first Windows Phone 7 device to ship with Microsoft's cut-and-paste feature
  • Well built with an excellent physical keyboard. Smooth OS with great games
  • Zippy interface, Comfortable in your hand

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Not 4G compatible, Mediocre image quality
  • A bit thick at .61 inches, Buttons feel oddly sized and a bit strangely placed, Windows Phone 7 feels like it hasn’t been finely tuned yet, Single rearfacing mediocre camera
  • Windows Phone 7 still lacking some key features
  • Mediocre display, Windows Phone 7 still behind competition, Not a global phone
  • Windows Phone 7 doesn't seem ready, Thick and heavy, No 4G cellular data
  • Camera could be better, Multimedia sync didn’t work for us with no option to manually manage the device, WP7 has a lot of catching up to do with Android and iOS
  • The HTC Arrive's heavy and bulky body will weigh some people down, and it requires some pressure to slide open the keyboard. Its camera could be better, and we were hoping for 4G WiMax support
  • No 4G. Many screens don't work in landscape mode. So-so camera. Some audio won't play over Bluetooth headsets
  • Copy and paste is a hassle, Keyboard keys could be bigger