Reviewers Liked

  • Pocket friendly size, Snappy performance, Good audio quality for music and calls
  • Speedy, compact with good camera
  • A quick, smallerscreened Android phone. Detailed camera and sharp screen look good. Allday battery life is the norm. Verizon 4G LTE is fast
  • Great Super LCD display, Plenty of horsepower for daily tasks, Solid build quality
  • Fast data, compact size, snappy performance
  • Comfortable size, Runs Android 4,0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), Fast data speeds and performance, Good call quality
  • Sleek black-and-red design; Bright screen that's easy to read outdoors; Fast camera; Solid 4G LTE speeds; Beats Audio provides sound boost
  • Verizon LTE is very fast, Android 4.0, Nice in the hand
  • Comfortable to hold, Excellent voice quality

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Back cover flexs in your hand, Phone gets warm with use, Speaker slots on the back can be blocked by your hand while holding the phone
  • Specs not as exciting as top Verizon smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S III
  • A 960×540 display isn’t good enough in an HD world. Design is boring and uninspired. It’s overly thick and bulky by today’s standards
  • Screen may seem too small for some, Verizon loaded it up with quite a bit of bloatware, It’s not terribly handsome
  • Thicker than the competition, low resolution display, dated design/appearance
  • Processor and camera hardware, while good, are a step behind other top-of-the-line devices
  • Relatively thick; Display has limited viewing angles; A bit pricey
  • Thick, qHD display, Verizon software tweaks
  • Display has poor viewing angles and is hard to see in sunlight, Camera quality isn’t up to par with the competition, Battery life needs to be longer