Reviewers Liked

  • The HTC One M8 Google Play Edition pairs HTC's excellent 2014 aluminum superphone including its brilliant 5inch screen and topnotch sound with a pure, Nexusstyle Android KitKat interface that's free of carrier bloatware
  • Gorgeous build. Runs stock Android 4.4. Top-notch front-facing camera. Cool depth-of-field tricks on main camera. Very loud speakerphone
  • The M8 is a greatlooking, greatfeeling phone, Nice 5inch 1080p screen, Fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SoC, Stock Android 4.4 with the Google Now Launcher installed, which is generally more consistent and more usable than most OEM skins, Guaranteed updat
  • Same stunning design as before, Slightly faster performance, Great low lighting camera performance
  • Gorgeous design; Nearly flawless display; Impressive audio quality; Strong overall performance
  • The One is still some of the best phone hardware on the market, Runs stock Android, with just a few tweaks to accommodate the One's frontfacing speakers, Faster than the standard edition, Slightly better battery life than the standard edition, Promise of

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • No carrier subsidy means you'll be paying full price for this beauty. The M8 lags behind the Galaxy S5 on a few points: it's got a nonremovable battery, no water resistance, and photos that aren't quite as sharp as you'd like
  • Main camera fails to impress overall. Expensive
  • Kinda big, kinda bulky, Like all Nexus and Google Play phones, there's no Verizon option, The camera hardware still isn't great, and the software has fewer options than on the standard M8
  • Expensive with no subsidy option, Basically 6 months old
  • Missing camera features and other perks; Steep price tag; Galaxy S4 has better camera
  • Pricey, The stock Android camera and photo editing tools leave much to be desired