Editors Liked

  • Supports 3G, Looks Good & Feels Solid, HTC's Sense UI, Good Music Playback
  • Solid design, Good battery life, Familiar HTC Sense UI
  • 'Smart' looking device, well designed, Audio clarity for calls and music is good, Camera is quite decent
  • Lightweight and solid, Smallsized, Sense UI, Good call reception, Simple, clean design
  • Good looks, cool HTC programs and interface
  • HTC Sense UI is attractive and user friendly, decent number of features, powerful loudspeaker
  • Looks, Touch interface, Price, Sound quality, Powerful LED flash

Editors Didn't Like

  • Average Camera, Resistive Touchscreen, No WiFi or GPS, Poor Browser
  • No easy way to get third party applications, Poor camera, Price is not entry level
  • Lacks Wi-Fi for the price, Battery life could have been better, No Google Maps or chat apps preloaded
  • No Wi-Fi and no GPSLook and Feel
  • Expensive, no GPS or Wi-Fi, unimpressive web browser, sluggish performance of Java apps, no accelerometer for auto UI rotation
  • Slow at times, Frequent system errors, battery, No GPS or Wi-Fi, No AF