Reviewers Liked

  • High build quality, USB Type-C, good display, reliably fingerprint scanner, good cameras, long battery runtimes
  • Design, finish and craftsmanship, Excellent display contrast, Above average battery autonomy, One of the best fingerprint sensors in the world
  • Fantastic battery life, Feels quite wellmade, maybe more than pricing would suggest
  • Standout battery life, premium build, excellent fingerprint sensor, runs cool consistently
  • Strong media creds, Excellent battery life, Rugged design
  • Beautiful design Solid performance Well built

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • High SAR values, only 2.4 GHz WLAN, no App2SD / microSD cannot be formatted as internal storage, only hybrid dual-SIM
  • High pricetoperformance ratio, Poor display visibility when exposed to direct sunlight, Display has no protective layer, Poor lowlight camera performance
  • Expected more from the cameras, after all Huawei's hype, Display not terribly bright nor accurate, EMUI will take novice users some getting used to, No unified “Nova” hardware design, some poor aesthetic decisions
  • Too pricey when compared to the competition, poor audio quality, EMUI still makes unwelcome tweaks to Android, Prev3 of 3Next
  • Patchy performance, Bettered by rivals
  • Could be cheaper