Reviewers Liked

  • Fantastic camera, Folks who say that the camera on other phones are better haven't used the Super 8 app and don't understand it, Not terrible battery life once you turn off notifications. But this is the same thing with Apple devices, Snapseed built in as
  • Relatively affordable, Lightweight build, Large image sensor, Smooth overall performance, Solid image quality, Can shoot in Raw
  • Lots of camera mode, Two-step shutter butto, Nostalgic desig, Good cameras for the money
  • Chic retro case, stable chassis, USB-OTG & USB 3.0, solid photo apps, good voice quality, good front camera, stylish accessories, workable performance values
  • Er. you can expand its storage with microSD cards

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Super 8 doesn't let you keep multiple edits of the same image, The camera on the back is mostly an aesthetics thing, A bit bigger than I'd like it to be, One handed operation still sucks on Android, My iPhone 6s is still slightly faster, I wish that Kodak
  • Mediocre battery life, Outdated software, Lacks fingerprint sensor, Subpar 4K footage, Shutter button has focus lag
  • Bulk, Below average battery lif, Runs an outdated version of Androi, Noticeable AF and shutter la, Won't work on Verizon or Sprint
  • Case heats up quite significantly, bulky plastic chassis, short battery life, high energy consumption, dim, low-contrast display, relatively expensive, poorly equipped main camera, with meager picture quality, no NFC, no fingerprint sensor
  • Disappointing camera. Made from cheap-feeling materials. Poor battery life and sluggish performance. Plus it's way too expensive