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I don't quite understand what Landvo are trying to do here. They have made a $110 phone with some nice details like the alloy frame and HD display, but then based it on a design of a premium phone and its features, plus been a little dishonest in their...

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It is you personal choice whether you like the clone devices or not. Some say that it is a shame to produce one, while others believe that this is a way to go as there is no point in spending hundreds of dollars for a premium flagship device. Let's not...

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Landvo S6 is a Samsung Galaxy S6 clone phone, I almost can't recognize which is the fake when put it beside the original S6 phone. I'm surprised the Landvo factory crafted so beautiful smartphone.Here is the hands on video:Landvo S6 is a entry-class...

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Au mois d'avril dernier, j'ai eu le plaisir de tester pour vous le Landvo L600S, un smartphone 100% chinois que j'avais plutôt apprécié.Depuis lors, Landvo a récemment sorti le S6, un mobile qui s'inspire très fortement du Samsung Galaxy S6.J'ai donc...